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Getting started with myPKFiT

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Request a Takeda rep to visit your practice and help you gain access to the myPKFiT software. A clinic administrator will serve as the liaison between your practice and Takeda’s myPKFiT software support group.

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Download the account request form to request access to the myPKFiT software now. Once completed, please email or fax to Hematology Support Center at or (866) 467-7740.

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Collect the right data for myPKFiT

The recommendations for myPKFiT for ADVATE may be different from your current PK testing protocol. You want to be sure to collect the necessary information in advance and instruct your lab and patients on the process.

Blood Sample Recommendations

A minimum of 2 blood samples are required to be entered into the myPKFiT software to complete your patient’s PK assessment.1

PK Assessment Infusion Dose

The dose used for the patient’s PK Assessment infusion must be within the FDA-approved dosing recommendations provided in the ADVATE Prescribing Information (20-80 IU/kg).1 Please refer to the complete instructions for use in the User Manual.

One-Stage Clotting Assay

The lab testing must be performed as a one-stage clotting assay.1

Optional Washout

You must decide whether or not to have your patient undergo a washout prior to collecting samples for the PK assessment.1

Data Collection Form

Use the Data Collection Form to capture all the key data points you need from your patients to create their personalized PK-profile in the myPKFiT software—know that the exact dose and sampling time is very important.

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How your patients access myPKFiT

The myPKFiT mobile app is an application that your patients can access directly on their smartphone. Your Takeda representative will provide instructional download cards outlining these steps for you to provide your patients.

step 1

Download the myPKFiT mobile app via App Store or Google Play2

step 2

Scan the
personalized QR code on the PK printout2

step 3

Log the first ADVATE infusion to activate the FACTOR METER2
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  1. myPKFiT for Healthcare Professionals v3.3 User Manual. 2020.
  2. myPKFiT for patients: mobile application. User manual. Version 2.1. Shire Inc; 2020.